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The Magic Bullet of Anti-Aging

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Tretinoin is a topical skincare product derived from Vitamin A that has been on the market for over 20 years.  While tretinoin was first prescribed as an acne solution, the anti-aging effects on the skin were undeniable.  A double-blind study (done in 1988) of tretinoin’s effect on photodamaged skin found that all 30 patients who completed the 16-week study showed a significant improvement including diminished wrinkles and brown spots.

Tretinoin, also known by the brand name Retin-A, has years of scientific backing on its ability to boost cell-turnover, normalize melanocyte cells (which produce pigment) and even stimulate collagen production.  With proven results in all three of these key factors of anti-aging, the question is: Why isn’t everyone using tretinoin?

Lack of user education has affected tretinoin’s popularity.  Even when used correctly (slowly, often beginning with just a pea-sized application for the entire face once or twice a week) the product can be irritating, causing some users to give up before seeing the positive effects.  Redness, irritation, flaking and in some cases breakouts can happen for the first 8 weeks of use.  When properly educated about how the product works and following careful dosage, your skin will build a tolerance to the product and you can minimize the negative side effects.  Quality formulations such as Obagi’s tretinoin also minimize this initial irritation.  Even so, in today’s  ‘instant’ age some users find that toughing it out now for guaranteed results later is an exercise in patience.  Even in the 21st century, the truth is that good things come to those that wait.

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