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Skincare Product Consultation

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Skincare Product Consultation

Developing Your Home Care Regime

Understanding which skincare products to use can be overwhelming with all the skincare brands and options available in today’s marketplace. To help you navigate which products are best for your skin type and concerns, our medical team and aestheticians are here to provide the personal attention you deserve to customize your skincare regimen.

Your complimentary skincare product consultation starts with a comprehensive skin analysis to understand the root cause of your concerns. Your provider can then tailor and educate you on the skincare regime that best fits your skin type, budget, and lifestyle.

Skincare Consultation FAQ

What should I expect during a skincare consultation?

The goal of the product consultation is to determine the best plan of action when it comes to at-home product use and routine.

Our product consultation begins with a skin analysis to determine your skin type and examine any skin concerns you may be experiencing. A skin analysis is a valuable tool for benchmarking your current skin condition and analyzing which type of products are most suitable to address your concerns.

During the consultation, our providers will discuss your aesthetic goals and your current at-home skincare regimen to determine the best path forward. They can also provide step-by-step instructions for applying skincare products in the right order.

What is the importance of an at-home skincare regimen?

A customized skincare routine is crucial for enhancing and prolonging your medspa treatment results. To achieve the maximum outcome, your medical provider will recommend a cocktail of at-home products to use after an aesthetic treatment.

Additionally, an effective skincare routine can help achieve a number of goals, such as reducing acne, minimizing pores, smoothing lines, fading sunspots and rehydrating skin. Both seasonally and as you age, you may need to adapt the products you use. For example, a cleanser that contains Salicylic acid may be effective for treating hormonal, acne-prone skin but can be very drying later in life when your concerns change.

What is the difference between medical-grade skincare products versus over the counter?

What sets medical-grade products apart is the quality, as they are packed with highly potent pharmaceutical-grade active ingredients. They are often referred to as “active cosmeceuticals.” These products are designed, formulated, and tested to ensure optimal concentrations of active ingredients.

What skincare brands are available at Tribeca MedSpa?

We offer a variety of quality medical-grade skincare products that are available through our online store or at our locations. All the premium medical-grade skincare products are hand selected by our talented team of Doctors, Medical Practitioners and Medical Aestheticians. based on their quality ingredients and effectiveness. We recently opened our  new location, SkinCeuticals SkinLab by Tribeca MedSpa which has the full range of SkinCeuticals and Dermablend products.

Tribeca MedSpa uses the following skincare brands in treatments and that are available for home care:

To view our full list of products, click here.

Why purchase skincare products at Tribeca MedSpa?

Purchasing skincare products from Tribeca MedSpa is convenient and easy! We offer two convenient NYC locations in Tribeca and the Upper East Side to grab your essentials, all of which are also available for purchase in our online shop. We also offer a unique way to save while receiving the same quality skincare products. Loyalty Rewards Members of our online store automatically receive 5% off their total purchase and 5% back in rewards points. Use the rewards points you earn to save on products! Have your order shipped to your door or pick it up at either of our locations in the city.

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