AviClear™ by Cutera is the first drug-free, FDA-cleared energy device for clearing mild, moderate, and severe acne in adolescents and adults with all skin types. With three, 60 minute treatment sessions performed every four weeks, you can obtain long lasting acne clearance.

Unlike other acne treatment alternatives, such as, topicals, Accutane, oral antibiotics and birth control, AviClear is chemical-free and targets acne at its source, producing long-lasting results. Backed by clinical results, AviClear won the Best Laser Treatment for Acne by Cosmopolitan and “Future of Beauty Winner” by Elle.


How does AviClear work?

AviClear differs from other acne treatments by directly targeting the production of sebum. The overproduction of sebum, and its combination with dead skin cells, is the leading cause of acne. The AviClear device uses laser energy to reach the source of acne safely and effectively. The laser light targets the sebaceous glands that are responsible for sebum (oil) production and shrinks them. By shrinking the skin’s sebaceous glands, you can expect less oil production and fewer blocked pores.

Unlike other acne lasers, AviClear’s unique 1726nm wavelength is only absorbed by the sebaceous glands, minimizing the risk of hyperpigmentation.

What types of acne does it treat?

AviClear is safe and effective for treating multiple types of acne and for all ages.

Are AviClear results permanent?

Current research and data shows AviClear to provide long lasting acne clearance. After the treatments, you can expect your skin to be less oily and continue to improve for several months.

What do I need to know about post acne laser treatment?

Some people will have mild to moderate redness or swelling for 1-2 days post treatment. There is no downtime; you can resume your normal activities directly after. As always, you should use sunscreen directly after the treatment and continue every day.

How much does AviClear cost?

It costs $3,600 for a series of three AviClear treatments.

Does AviClear hurt?

AviClear is considered generally painless. You may experience a mild tingling sensation during the treatment. Designed with patient comfort in mind, the AviCool™ contact cooling device and smart sensors maintain the temperature of the skin and ensure patients are relaxed during the process. Most people tolerate the treatment with no issues.

What other treatments should I combine with laser acne treatment?

To achieve maximum results, AviClear may be recommended in addition to other anti-acne treatments, including Laser Genesis and a Blue light LED light therapy Anti-Acne Facial Treatment. During your complimentary consultation, your Medical Aesthetician will recommend a customized skincare regimen and treatment plan to achieve your goals.

What areas can it treat?

Anywhere you have acne, including areas such as the face, back, chest, buttocks, etc.

How do I know if I’m a candidate?

AviClear is suitable for all skin tones, types and ages, making it a highly accessible acne treatment. It can treat hormonal acne for women in the stages of menopause just like it can treat the mild to severe acne of a teenager. Unlike other acne treatments, it does not require a prescription.

This acne laser treatment is ideal for anyone living with acne who does not want to treat it with the use of chemicals, oral medications or visit a dermatologist regularly.

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AviClear Before After
AviClear Before After