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What is Collagen?

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If you are interested in anti-aging, you have heard the word collagen before.  Just what is collagen?

Collagen is a protein that occurs in many places in the body including our skin, joints, even blood vessels and bone.  When speaking about collagen in anti-aging, we are speaking of collagen in your dermis which acts like scaffolding in your skin that helps it hold its plump, firm shape.

Collagen does naturally diminish in your skin over time which can lead to loss of elasticity, volume and tone.  There are many ways to boost collagen production including noninvasive lasers such as Laser Genesis and Fraxel.  Hyaluronic acid, found in TriBeCa MedSpa’s exclusive Camille of New York hydrating system, will add intense moisture to add volume, while retinol and alphahydroxy acids also aid in collagen stimulation.