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Exfoliation is a Key to Anti-Aging

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Exfoliating is a necessary step to achieve a glowing complexion, but just what is exfoliation?  Exfoliation is the general term for any process of removing the oldest dead skin cells on the skin’s outermost surface.  The use of exfoliation for cosmetic rejuvenation was documented as far back as by the Ancient Egyptians, and this step of Cleopatra’s beauty process has also been scientifically proven as a key to anti-aging.  The root word comes from Latin “to strip off leaves.”

There are two main types of exfoliation: chemical and manual.  Chemical exfoliation, also known as Chemical Peels, are specially formulated to work on a cellular level and can be said to work from the inside out.  Throughout the peeling process, bright fresh skin cells are revealed as the outmost layer of deal skin cells slough off.  Manual exfoliation immediately removes the dead skin cells by using an abrasion technique be it a vibrating stainless steel textured paddle (used in Vibradermabration), Jojoba seeds (these seeds are the abrasive agent in the all natural Phyto Lipid Scrub, a product used in our TriBeCa Classic Facial) or even a scalpel (used for Dermaplaning to gently scrape away the outermost layer of dead skin cells).

Exfoliating is important as part of an effective home regimen too.  Using a product such as a glycolic acid or a good scrub once a week as advised by your Medical Aesthetician is an easy way to get great results for your skin.  After exfoliating, products are able to penetrate deeper into your skin and are absorbed effectively.  Contact us to make sure you are getting the resurfacing benefits of exfoliation.  Whether chemical or manual, in a service or through use of a product, when you exfoliate away dead skin cells, you promote healthy skin renewal and have your skin look and feel soft and smooth.