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Vibradermabrasion vs. Microdermabrasion

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Vibradermabrasion is the newest technology of microdermabrasion.  This intense exfoliation treatment gives you safer, more effective results than microdermabrasion.  Many of us are already familiar with the older microdermabrasion machines which use micro-crystals to “sandblast” the skin. These machines have several drawbacks, the most dramatic being the suction component of microderm (which sucks the crystals off your skin and back into the machine) has been found to cause telangiectasia (tiny broken capillaries or spider-veins).  The microdermabrasion handpiece (a pressurized closed loop vacuum where the micro-crystals are dispersed from on one side and suctioned back on the other) is relatively small which also means treating a larger area such as the chest or even the forehead can be time-consuming.  Lastly, the crystals often leave the skin irritated and in some cases have been found to leave residues in the skin causing inflammatory reactions.  Vibradermabrasion has none of these negative side effects.

Vibradermabrasion manually exfoliates the skin using stainless steel textured paddles that vibrate against the skin’s surface giving you a glowing, smooth complexion without the danger of broken capillaries, and noticeably less post-treatment redness than microdermabrasion.  By evenly removing the rough outer most layer of the dermis without leaving any residue (due to the abrasives being fixed onto the paddles), fresh healthy skin is revealed and over time this exfoliation leads to increased cell-turnover and collagen growth.

We think of Vibradermabrasion as the “going organic” exfoliation technique.

Vibradermabrasion can be done as one treatment or combined with other treatments such as a TriBeCa Classic FacialLaser Genesis, or Chemical Peels. Vibradermabrasion is safe for all skin types and often recommended for pregnant women.  At TriBeCa MedSpa we always suggest you begin with a complimentary consultation to find out what treatment is best for your unique skin concerns.  If you have concerns about broken capillaries, there are treatment options available.