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You’re So Vein

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You’ve finished dusting away the spider webs and packing the Halloween costumes away for another year, but you may have discovered that looking in the mirror still gives you a fright. The culprit? Unsightly veins. The solution? It’s simple with Laser Vein Removal.

The first question you might have is, “Why do I have them in the first place?” The truth is that there are a variety of causes. For some, it’s hereditary (not much you can do about that). Heat and pressure are other sources (as always we recommend protecting yourself in the sun). Lack of movement, whether it’s sitting or standing, for prolonged periods is another culprit (moving more should be a goal for everyone).  Veins around your ankles can be the result of wearing high heels. Some women see them pop up during and after pregnancy. This time of year, you can’t escape the sight of them on your cheeks and on and around the bridge of your nose from blowing your nose throughout cold and flu season. And, finally, age is an inevitable factor.

Laser Vein Removal is an effective and efficient solution for removing tiny broken capillaries and spider veins from the face and the body. From deep blue reticular veins on the backs of knees, to small facial veins around the nose and cheeks, these unsightly marks always seem to pop up over night! Just because they are there doesn’t mean you have to live with them forever. The advanced laser technology at TriBeCa MedSpa can remove them safely with minimal discomfort. The laser works by targeting a specific vessel and heating the blood, which causes the vessel to constrict and eventually fade from view.

Spider veins, aptly named for the web-like design they spread around the ankles, back of the knees and front of the thighs, plague nearly half of adult women according to polls. As it gets colder, it’s important to remember that covering up your legs is only a temporary solution.  While some veins will disappear immediately with Laser Vein Removal, others will darken before fading completely after a couple of weeks. Some veins might only shrink with the first treatment and a follow-up session will be necessary. Book a complimentary consultation today and be sundress and bikini ready in time for your winter vacations.