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Who wears short-shorts?

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Summer time is in full-swing in NYC and it seems that hem lines are higher than the temperatures.  If you are concerned about showing off your legs due to spider veins, you aren’t alone.  Spider veins are a concern for nearly half of adult women according to polls.  The good news is that Laser Vein Removal is fast, non-invasive and available at TriBeCa MedSpa.

Small blue or purplish veins can spread a web-like design around the ankles, back of the knees and front of the thighs (often showing up along the “pressure point” areas where people habitually cross their legs or ankles).  The way that the laser works is by sending a laser pulse (of a specific wavelength) to the targeted vessel.  This pulse will heat the blood only in targeted vein which causes the vessel to constrict and eventually fade from view.  A complimentary consultation is required as not everyone is a candidate for this treatment.

With all the cute summer outfits out there, you can enjoy the freedom to show off your legs in shorts, skirts and bathing suits.  In fact, one of Charla Krupp’s tips for looking younger instantly is to show a bit of leg… and why not?

Laser Vein Removal is also an excellent solution for eliminating tiny broken capillaries on the face.  These facial veins often show up around the nose or cheeks and can be either hereditary or the result of heat, pressure, or those years playing the trumpet for the marching band.  No matter where they came from, it usually feels as if these facial veins appeared overnight.  Laser Vein Removal can often erase them just quickly.  Some veins disappear immediately while others may first darken then fade taking up to two weeks to see full results or the vein may shrink in size and need a follow-up treatment to completely disappear.

Book a complimentary consultation to find out if you are a candidate, and get your short-shorts ready!