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The Gym and Your Skin

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We all know the benefits of a good work-out: calorie burn, energy boost, happy endorphin release, stress reduction, but sometimes hitting the gym can be hard on our skin.  Exercise causes internal heat, increased blood flow (which shows on your skin as flushing and inflammation) and everyone’s favorite work-out by-product: sweat.  While sweat itself is good for you, leaving sweat to air dry on your skin can result in breakouts.  This is especially the case when more of us are switching from big gyms to dedicated studios that focus on Spinning, boot camps, yoga, or Pilates, and often those studios don’t have showers.  So how can you have your cake, your Soul Cycle and great skin care too?  A little rose-water goes a long way to rehydrating the skin and Camille of New York Rose Water comes in a 2 oz spray bottle perfect for your gym bag.  Made from Organic Roses this product is naturally anti-microbial and anti-bacterial so a spritz over the face post work out is refreshing and protective.