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Stop Underarm Sweating for Good with miraDry® for Men

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Excessive underarm sweat plagues many people—especially during the summertime. While only about three percent of Americans suffer from hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), surveys show that almost half of men in the U.S. believe they sweat excessively, and three-fourths of American men believe excessive sweating is embarrassing.

Our bodies have between two and four million sweat glands. Their jobs are to regulate temperature, and sweating is an important (and continuous) part of that process. However, when we sweat excessively—particularly from our armpits—it can be embarrassing and cause negative social interactions (not to mention it’ll ruin your favorite shirt).

Types of Sweat Glands

There are two main types of sweat glands: Eccrine and apocrine.

Eccrine sweat glands are found all over the body and are of varying densities. The areas of the body that tend to produce more sweat have more of these glands.

On the other hand, apocrine sweat glands are generally confined to the underarms, ears, and eyelids. These glands are inactive before puberty. After puberty, however, they tend to be more active than their eccrine counterparts in moments of stress or during periods of heavy exertion.

Do Men Sweat Differently from Women?

While some studies show that gender doesn’t necessarily affect sweat volume (which, instead, can be attributed to body size), it is important to note that some studies claim the male body reaches its threshold for sweating quicker and more easily than the female body, as testosterone is believed to intensify the body’s sweat response.

For the most part, women’s bodies contain less fluid than men’s bodies, so it’s easier for women to get dehydrated. One related theory is that women sweat less because their bodies are actually working to prevent water loss. This would support a study that tested both men and women performing the same exercise in the same climate. In the results, it was clear the men sweat far, far more than the women.

Essentially (for non-athletes), men start sweating at a lower core temperature than women.

Why Some Men Sweat More Than Others

There are three main reasons that some men sweat more than others:

1. Body Mass

This one comes down to fairly simple science: The more mass you need to move, the more energy you need to expend. And the more energy you expend, the faster your body heats up. Heat in the body triggers a sweat response, resulting in more sweat overall.

Additionally, a person with more surface area is going to require more perspiration to keep cool. It’s believed this is why men generally sweat more than women (and other men with smaller-than-average builds).

2. Physical Training

People who regularly train their bodies tend to sweat more. Over time, physical training lowers the body’s core temperature threshold for a sweat response. This means that athletes start sweating sooner than people who do not train or work out regularly. Sweating allows for sustained activity throughout the day, which athletes require to perform or train long hours.

3. Hyperhidrosis

This diagnosable condition is marked by abnormally excessive sweating that is not necessarily related to heat or exercise. Current results calculate that roughly 15.3 million people in the United States suffer from hyperhidrosis.

This condition is not exclusive to men! In fact, it affects males and females in equal numbers.

Stop Excessive Underarm Sweat with miraDry

The FDA-approved treatment miraDry for men uses thermal energy to permanently eliminate sweat and odor glands from your underarms. Much of the hair in that area is also removed, which is an added benefit.

Here are the stats from miraDry’s proven track record:

  • 82% sweat reduction
  • 89% odor reduction
  • 60% hair loss

The miraDry procedure is non-invasive. A local anesthetic is applied to the target area first. Next, your medical provider will place the miraDry device against your skin. The machine’s specialized suction mechanism will pull sweat glands to the surface in order to apply heat and destroy them permanently. In most cases, only one miraDry treatment is necessary. For some patients with severe hyperhidrosis, two sessions may provide better results. However, after your initial appointments, you’re done. There’s no upkeep.

Does the Body “Make Up for” the Destroyed Sweat Glands in Other Areas?

Underarm sweat glands account for less than two percent of all your body’s sweat glands. The rest of your body will continue to sweat normally, even as your underarms remain dry and comfortable.

Ready to Beat the Sweat?

Requiring little downtime and causing minimal discomfort, the miraDry procedure is a great option for everyone, men or women, who want to live a healthier, freer lifestyle in their favorite clothes and clear of chemical-laden deodorants.

Tribeca MedSpa’s award-winning team is prepared to help you go from sweaty to suave in just a single (less-than-two-hour) treatment! Contact us for a complimentary consultation with a trained miraDry provider.