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At Tribeca Medspa, we recognize that many of our patients, regardless of experience, are uncomfortable, even anxious about the pain and discomfort associated with cosmetic procedures. PRO-NOX is the solution! The versatile, gas delivery technology makes any procedure more comfortable. PRO-NOX relies upon a clinically proven Nitrous Oxide Delivery System that is designed to deliver an oxygen and nitrous oxide gaseous solution that relieves pain during all in-office procedures.

How is PRO-NOX different than similar technologies?
The functionally effective PRO-NOX system is 100% customizable and controlled by the patient. It’s easy to use, adjustable based on the patient’s own needs — and most importantly, it’s safe. With PRO-NOX you get exactly what you need to mitigate pain and discomfort on your terms.

How does PRO-NOX work?
As a self-administered treatment, the amount of gas is regulated by the patient. The gas is released and inhaled through the mouth with nearly instantaneous effects. Because there is no wait time for PRO-NOX to fully take effect, you get exactly what you need as you need it. The effects are also short-term and wear off within approximately 10-15 minutes, so there is little recovery time required. Once the procedure is complete, you can be on your way.

What treatments can it be used for?
Ultherapy, Fraxel, Nova Thread, WarmSculpting, Injectables or PRO-NOX can be used upon request!


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