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For most of us, cost is a factor in our skin-care routines.  Even for those of us lucky enough to be ‘cost ambivalent’, everyone wants a good return on investment whether it’s in skin-care, the NASDAQ or in Masters Degrees.  A good return on investment is not always the same thing as a bargain, however.  To quote my favorite venture capitalist (who also taught me the term ‘cost-ambivalent’) “what looks like a good deal now, may not be in the long run: it’s all in the timing.”

A bargain is defined as: an advantageous purchase, especially one acquired at less than the usual cost.

The allure of a bargain has made sites like Groupon and Living Social hugely popular.  Though a yoga class or new restaurant coupon seems like a steal, a Laser Hair Removal package at 90% off may not be a good long term investment.  Often when redeeming these discounts, one’s choices are limited.  If your choices are limited on who provides the procedure or the time of day that it can be redeemed, are you getting the service you deserve?  These restrictions become even more limiting when considering a Medical Service.

Golden Rule #1: Know what you need.

If you have never used a Dermal Filler, buying a coupon for 2ccs of Radiesse might not be the best choice for you.  It could be like buying a discounted root canal when you have a mild tooth ache.  It may be a deal, and it may not.  Only time will tell.

Golden Rule #2: Know what you are getting.

If you purchase a ‘bikini’ series of Laser Hair Removal does the coupon expire before you are due to complete your series?  Will your scheduling be set up to give you great results, or will some other restriction take priority?

An informed consumer is an empowered consumer, which is why at TriBeCa MedSpa all our consultations are complimentary.  We are committed to educating our clients to make the kind of beauty decisions that are also healthy decisions.  Not everyone is a candidate for all the services that we provide, and some treatments do have downtime.  We will work with you to schedule treatments appropriately for your lifestyle and expectations to provide you with the best results long term—which is a real return on investment.

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