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Why You Need an Expert for Your PDO Thread Lift

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When it comes to delivering truly phenomenal results, we believe the secret to incredible skincare is about more than a simple office visit—it’s the culmination of years of experience, medical advancements, and anti-aging innovations that allows us to transform your skin’s health and overall aesthetic.

Thread face lifts are a popular procedure that are often incorporated into many of our clients’ custom skincare transformations, and it’s easy to see why. A minimally invasive procedure, thread face lifts offer subtle lift of skin laxity with very little downtime—meaning clients can experience instant results with low risk for scarring and additional complications.

“The procedure looks and sounds more scary than it is, but it provides instant results which everyone loves,” explains Lindsay Burke,PA, one of Tribeca’s skincare specialists. “I love this procedure and it is one of my favorites to perform. The best part is the instant gratification from the immediate results. As soon as you see what thread lifts can do, you know it is worth it.”

What You Can Expect From a PDO Thread Face Lift

While thread lifts are an incredible option for both men and women, they’re best suited for clients with mild to moderate skin laxity. The procedure can be performed by itself, but—as with most treatments—it’s best to combine thread lifts with other procedures like Ultherapy, dermal fillers, neuromodulators, and adequate skin care to provide the best results for your unique skin care needs.

“The most popular areas that people like to improve are nasolabial folds and jowls. Thread face lifts can also provide brow lifts and even help with skin laxity to the neck and various areas on the body,” Lindsay explains. “Plus, the results from thread lifts are not as dramatic as surgery. They provide a more subtle result which the patient will notice and usually their close friends and family will notice without giving an overdone or tight appearance.”

Not familiar with the thread face lift procedure? The process is fairly simple.

After attaching a suture to a cannula, your provider will make a small needle poke into the skin and insert the pre-loaded cannula below the surface of the skin. The cannula is removed, leaving the thread behind to help lift the skin and move it back to where it belongs. Because the thread is buried beneath the skin, you will not see or feel anything on the surface, and—while you may feel a slight pinching sensation—most clients describe it as an odd sensation rather than painful.

“The threads will usually absorb after 4-6 months and then stimulate your own collagen to maintain that structure. These results will usually last about a year as we age out of a percentage of our collagen each year,” Lindsay says. “I usually recommend patients to obtain this treatment once a year, although I do have patients who love the results and keep coming back for more every 4 months to continue to obtain collagen stimulation.”

Things You Should Consider Before Getting Thread Lifts

Thread lifts are an intricate procedure, which is why you should never look for a discounted option in order to save money.

“As the saying goes, “You get what you pay for.” Half price treatment will equal half the result or even risk complications,” Lindsay explains. “These treatments are medical procedures and do not come without risks. You want to make sure that you go to someone who is experienced and knowledgeable, as well as someone who you feel comfortable with and trust.”

You should also make sure that, if there is a complication from the procedure, your provider knows how to resolve any issues—and has the appropriate tools and experience to do so.

While thread lifts might be less complicated and offer fewer complications than a surgical facelift, they still require immense skill and expertise. Not only does this ensure the results achieved are balanced and in harmony with your face, your provider also needs to have an extensive knowledge of the anatomy of the face—including musculature, facial nerve anatomy, areas to avoid, and more.

Questions You Should Always Ask Your Skincare Provider

As with any procedure, we recommend asking your skincare provider specific questions regarding their experience, qualifications, and results with thread lifts.

“Make sure that you feel comfortable with the provider performing the treatment,” Lindsey explains. “If it doesn’t feel right, it usually isn’t.”

Important questions to ask include:

  • How much experience do you have with thread lifts? How often do you perform them?

    While thread lifts are a minimally invasive procedure, we don’t recommend working with a beginner provider.

    “All providers performing this procedure need to at least be an RN, if not a PA, NP, DO, or MD,” In NY state, an RN is not qualified unless the doctor is in the room, same as injections. Lindsay says. “Providers that perform thread lifts should have all attended a hands-on training when they first brought them into their practice, and they should also continue to attend trainings and conferences each year to maintain their skills.”

    We also recommend trusting a provider where thread lifts are a popular treatment at the facility. This is a delicate procedure that requires a unique combination of experience and artistic ability, which is why you should trust someone who frequently performs the procedure versus someone who only performs it once or twice per year.

  • What brands of face thread lifts do you use?

    There are minimal differences between specific brands, but you should always make sure your provider is using FDA-cleared surgical threads. These materials will be sitting under your skin over the next 4-6 months, which is why you want to ensure the use of high-quality, FDA-approved threads like NovaThread and Miracu Threads.

  • Do you have before-and-after photos?

    Every provider should offer several recent before-and-after photos for each of the procedures they offer within their facility. Photos should be unretouched to ensure you’re seeing an accurate representation of the services they provide.

  • Who isn’t a good candidate for thread lifts?

    It sounds counterintuitive, but you should always ask a potential provider to elaborate on who is and isn’t a good fit for any potential procedure. Individuals with severe skin laxity are not good candidates for thread lifts, and they will typically benefit more from surgical options.

    A good provider will be honest about who the best candidates are for this procedure, which is why you should always ask this question to ensure you’re working with someone who has your best interests—and not sales numbers—at heart.

  • What does this procedure entail? How long is downtime?

    As with any procedure, ask your provider to explain the overall procedure prior to committing to anything. You should always be informed of any possible risks and side effects, as well as any do’s and don’ts after thread lifts, so you can work with your provider to make an informed decision about what’s best for you and your skin.

    Downtime can last up to two weeks. Patients may experience some bruising or swelling post-procedure due to thread placement, and we typically recommend patients avoid exaggerated facial expressions for 7-10 days after treatment. For best results, we also recommend avoiding facials and laser treatments for at least 4 weeks post-procedure.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to your skin, seek out the best provider possible. Don’t rely on a specific procedure’s reputation to deliver phenomenal results. Instead, always make sure you trust the providers you’re working with.

We want you to get the natural, aesthetically-pleasing results you deserve, which is why we conduct a thorough, comprehensive consultation for each one of our procedures to ensure you’re receiving the best possible custom treatment plan suited to your goals.

You deserve to work with trusted experts who offer stellar credentials, in-depth clinical experience, and an artistic eye—along with years of experience and training—to produce phenomenal results that benefit your skin’s appearance and health for years to come.

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