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Introducing AviClear®: The Acne Laser Treatment Solution for All Skin Tones

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The ‘biggest acne breakthrough’ in years is here. AviClear®, the first and only FDA-cleared energy device for treating mild to severe acne, provides long term acne clearance for all ages and skin tones. 

Why is Treating Acne a Challenge?

There’s a reason why acne is one of the most common skin conditions worldwide — it can be incredibly challenging to treat, especially if you’re unsure what’s creating your continuous breakouts in the first place.

Research shows that an overproduction of sebum, an oily substance secreted from the sebaceous glands in the skin, is the leading cause of acne in both men and women of any age. Sebum production is largely influenced by fluctuations in environment, diet and hormones. When sebum production increases, it mixes with a collection of dead skin cells, dirt and debris which clogs pores and promote breakouts.

Breakouts can often take numerous forms, from painful cystic and inflammatory acne deep beneath the surface of the skin to hormonal-based pustules. When breakouts begin, it can be challenging to pinpoint and treat the source of whiteheads, blackheads and cysts. Most prescription oral medications are too intensive for those with minor acne, while over-the-counter topical products are less effective for those with severe acne.

How Does AviClear Acne Laser Treatment Work?

AviClear is unlike any other acne treatment because it’s the only procedure that directly targets sebum production at the source using a 1726 nm wavelength laser. The skin’s sebaceous glands absorb the energy, which in turn causes them to shrink and ultimately to decrease sebum production.

By minimizing sebum production, AviClear limits oiliness in the skin, combats clogged pores, and effectively reduces the occurrence of breakouts. In fact, the 2022 Holy Grail Acne Awards voted AviClear the best laser treatment for acne.

 Not only is AviClear 91% effective in clearing acne in just three sessions, but oil production continues to improve over six months.

Who is a Candidate for AviClear Acne Treatment in NYC?

AviClear laser treatment addresses mild, moderate and severe acne on the face, back, chest, arm, buttocks and any other area of the body that’s acne-prone. From teenage puberty to midlife menopause, AviClear is suitable for treating breakouts at all ages, making it the most accessible (and effective) acne treatment.

Unlike other acne lasers on the market, AviClear is ideal for any skin tone on the Fitzpatrick skin type chart. The 1726 nm laser is only absorbed by the sebaceous glands, meaning it won’t adversely impact the melanin found in Type V and VI deeper skin tones. Because melanin is left undisturbed, AviClear minimizes the risk of hyperpigmentation from acne treatment.

Anyone currently living with mild to severe acne is a candidate for AviClear acne laser treatment in NYC. It’s best suited for those who do not wish to use harsh chemicals or oral medications to reduce breakouts. AviClear is also an alternative for those who have previously tried prescription antibiotics or Isotretinoin (Accutane) and would prefer a less aggressive treatment option.

Choose a Trusted Provider for Acne Laser Treatment in NYC

We’re excited to add AviClear to our Tribeca Medspa and SkinLab by Tribeca practices. To be among the first to receive this treatment, please contact us and our concierge team will assist you with booking a complimentary consultation and treatment session. Tribeca MedSpa is a trusted AviClear provider in Tribeca, New York, with more than 15 years of experience transforming problematic skin impacted by everyday concerns into healthier, brighter, more even-toned skin. You’re going to love your reflection.

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