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Our raffle winners, Bryce and Kelly are the recipients of our amazing ‘Thank You’ giveaway which includes a TMS Skin Analysis, a Microneedling treatment, Botox and dermal fillers for the face and Coolsculpt and Cooltone treatments for the body. We will also send them home with a full personalized homecare products regime.

“I am nominating my best friend, Bryce. She is an occupational therapist at an NYC hospital. She helps COVID survivors regain their strength and independence to one day return home to their loved ones. When she is not at the hospital, she is sewing masks to raise money to donate to small businesses and families affected by COVID, (she has raised over $2500 to charities)Not only is she an artist, hero, but she is the most loving, supportive best friend one can have. Her positivity is what is contagious, and she puts smiles on people’s faces daily!” —Rissy

“Kelly is my best friend of 15+ years. She works at Jersey City Medical as an RN in the ICU unit and has worked nonstop since COVID started -picking up extra shifts, night shifts, etc. I have not heard one complaint out of her mouth since COVID has started despite her increased hours and efforts. Every time I ask how she’s doing she responds happily and how she is appreciative to be helping people and doing her part! Her brother also just beat cancer prior to COVID-19 so she has been through a lot the past 4 months and continues to remain positive through it all. I am so proud of everything she’s done and how selfless she has been throughout it all. Kelly deserves something for herself.”  —Sarah

All Our Heroes’ Stories

“My sister has been working in a COVID ICU in the Bronx since late March. My sister has always been my hero but that has become even more apparent during this time. Kristen has been going in for 12 hour shifts, 4 days a week. She has also worked many weeks of overnight shifts. My sister is a strong person but I’ve noticed the way that this pandemic has worn on her. Not only the demanding hours, but also the emotional impact of watching so many of her patients die, the uncertainty around this virus, and having to FaceTime families to say goodbye to their loved ones.” —Lauren

“My wife is a PA at NYU in the ED and she is awesome. She wears a mask 12hrs a day, makes time to pump at work, and wakes up early to feed our four month old.” —Greg

“Brooke is an occupational therapist on the front lines at NYU hospital. She works on the acute care floor where she has been exposed to COVID multiple times. However, she never complained once and kept giving the best therapeutic care to all her patients. In the midst of the madness, Brooke had to postpone her wedding due to the crisis. She is so so deserving of this pampering.” —Jennifer

“My fiancée is a pediatric dental resident at Montefiore hospital in the Bronx, She was redeployed to a COVID testing site in the Bronx, one of the busiest COVID testing sites in the state of New York, with one of the highest positive infection rates in the state. In the midst of all the chaos, we have been trying to figure plans for our wedding that was supposed to be November 7th of this year. Unfortunately, many of our guests (her family) are coming from Korea, and are uncertain about travel, even as restrictions ease up in the US. She was so looking forward to having all of her family together for our wedding celebration, and now, it is starting to seem like none of them will be able to come, or we will have to reschedule and lose our deposits and possibly even vendors. It has certainly been a source of stress for me, but again, she has not complained about ANY of it.” —Jay

“I am nominating my sister Michelle. She works as a Nurse Practitioner in the COVID ICU at a hospital in NYC. She has shown great strength and courage through this pandemic. She has been trying to save as many lives as possible and risks her life every day for her patients. She calls family members daily to update them.” —Jenn

“ I nominate my girlfriend Jenn for this wellness spa package. She works at NYP-Columbia, the hospital that got NY’s first COVID patient when this all began at the beginning of March. She has been having to wear a mask at work for 13 hours straight for the past 4 months, leading to bruises on her cheeks and even some sores. She went through many dark days and weeks as her and her co-workers fought to figure out this disease, FaceTiming patients family’s so they could say goodbye, holding patients hands before they were intubated or even patients hands as they passed away. She questioned if she was meant to be a nurse because of how helpless she felt in caring for her patients while trying to protect herself & me at home.” —Jimmy

“Amber is my cousin and she’s a doctor in the emergency room at NYU. She has worked tirelessly to help care for COVID patients throughout the hospital. And due to this crisis she also had to postpone her wedding. “Jackie

“She’s a very hard working 1st year resident who cared for many covid patients. She too had covid but returned to the front line as soon as she could. Thanks for considering her.” Patti

“I am a social worker at NYU Langone, required to report to work during COVID19 to assist with providing emotional support to patient and families who were not only coping with medical trauma, but with the pain of separation due to restricted visitation. Sometimes these patients were homeless, or frail elderly who were admitted from a nursing home, or even young parents afraid to return to home where they may infect their families and loved ones.” —Cara

“Emy was supposed to get married this summer (July 25) and I was supposed to be her bridesmaid. She ended up having to cancel her wedding due to COVID-19 and has spent the last few months working 6 days a week to help patients as a Nurse Practitioner. Emy is so deserving of this, and absolutely needs something good to happen to her right now so please choose her! Thank you for your consideration.” —Lacey

“I’ve known Alex for years and she is one of the most caring people I’ve ever met. She is a nurse working in a COVID floor at New York Pres hospital. She has taken on the emotional burden of working with patients on ventilators and being there for them emotionally when their families cannot enter the hospital. She somehow can keep a positive attitude through all of this and it is something I admire her for!” —Rachel

“I’m nominating my wife Deirdre who is an essential worker in the city! Our little boy Liam arrived 6 weeks early on 1st Feb 2020. It was such a surprise and Liam spent 3 weeks in the NICU. Unfortunately, due to travel restrictions our family were unable to come over to help. Deirdre went back to work on 8th May, providing nursing care to a client. Deirdre works 12 hour shifts and is for sure very deserving of this amazing prize.” —Eoghan

“Elena is a nurse in NY and there’s no one else I would recommend! She’s amazing and has put her life on the line to help so many Americans and New Yorkers. Elena is truly one of a kind and would do anything for anyone. She deserves this so much.” —Morgan

“Emily has worked tirelessly night and day as a nurse practitioner on the front lines at NYU Langone Hospital. She loves Tribeca Med Spa and deserves some much needed pampering.” —Bobby

“My 52 year old Sicilian friend Lauren is a unique beauty. She has a Roman nose and the cutest crooked teeth that she plays up and doesn’t try to hide or “fix.” I have known her for 8 years but she has been a nurse for a lot longer. When I met her she was working overnights in the city’s grittiest trauma ER – King’s County – where my husband had been taken following a horrific car crash. She not only took care of him but also sent me reassuring texts throughout that first night where it was touch and go and I was home with my 3 children who were young at the time. Most recently she has been in the COVID ICU in the Bronx which is a long commute from her home in mid Brooklyn. She works a 12 hr shift then has to self-quarantine from her fiancee when she returns. She is capable dedicated and compassionate and I’d love to see her treated to a special makeover at my fave med spa.” —Lucy

“Nicole has always been a giving person in the 24 years I’ve known her. From bringing home stray animals to people astray, she has always had a helping and giving heart. 15 years ago, she opened her home up to being a foster parent and has since adopted five children that she mostly raises on her own. She has parlayed this trait into her nursing career and has been sick for over a month with COVID and still keeps her positive attitude. I would like her to feel appreciated just as she has always made me feel.” —Arlene