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Tribeca MedSpa Skin Analysis

One of the most common mistakes made in skincare is that people often treat their skin based on how it is acting as opposed to its true underlying condition(s) which may cause further issues. Reveal what’s lurking below the surface with the Reveal Skin Analysis, an advanced visual analysis tool that allows us to get a baseline of your current skin condition to formulate a customized treatment plan for you.

This professional imaging solution detects subsurface vascular (red) and melanin (brown) skin conditions and develops highly targeted treatment recommendations. In addition, the skin analysis tool can track the progress of the skincare treatments you undergo.

We suggest that all first-time clients at Tribeca MedSpa and SkinLab by Tribeca MedSpa schedule a complimentary skin analysis to help us recommend the right treatment plan for you. This in-depth analysis will give you a well-educated foundation from which you can achieve healthy, glowing, and younger-looking skin.


How does the skin analysis tool work?

Using multi-spectral imaging, the analysis tool scans the surface of your skin to capture visual information. The cross-polarized photography measures your current skin condition and detects subsurface vascular (red) and melanin (brown) skin conditions.

How long does this take?

The skin analysis takes only minutes with a one-on-one consultation following.

What does the Reveal Skin Analysis assess?

The Reveal Skin Analysis looks deep into the layers of the skin to assess brown spots, fine lines and wrinkles, acne, enlarged pore size, skin tone and texture, UVA sun damage, laxity of the skin and diffuse redness (Telangiectasia). The information revealed in the analysis is useful in determining the best skincare treatment plan and tracks the improvement in your skin’s health and overall appearance.

How is the information from the assessment used?

With this information, a medical provider creates a customized plan to achieve your desired results in the most effective way. This educational analysis will allow you to understand your skin on a whole new level. Over the course of your recommended medical aesthetic treatments, the Reveal Imager records the changes to your skin and the effectiveness of the skincare treatment plan.

How often will I need the imaging done?

Your first Reveal Skin Analysis serves as a baseline for the progress of your treatments. Each client’s skin appearance, health and goals vary, and so will the frequency of Skin Analysis needed throughout your treatment plan.

What are the next steps?

After your skin analysis, your provider will review the results with you including information on your skin type and condition. The report contains detailed images of your skin and will reveal what areas and concerns that you’ll want to target. Your provider will also recommend a treatment plan, including an at-home skincare regimen, to undergo for best results.

Why Tribeca MedSpa?

Since 2006, our team of award-winning Physician Assistants and Medical Aestheticians has been led by Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Gerald D. Ginsberg, who ensures that we remain at the forefront of medical advances and anti-aging innovations that transform skin health and body aesthetics.

With locations in Tribeca and the Upper East Side (SkinLab by Tribeca MedSpa), we focus on comprehensive, results-oriented, and highly customized skincare and body contouring treatments that promote optimal health. We tailor our premium services to meet the specific, personal concerns of our discerning clients – so you always see your best reflection in the mirror.

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