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Peels Have Come a Long Way

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Chemical Peels can sound daunting. In fact, many people still mention the infamous ‘Sex and the City’ scene where Samantha’s post-peel procedure includes a large black hat with attached veil. The truth about Chemical Peels is a long way from a clever sit-com joke from 2002.

Whether or not you peel after your treatment is directly related to your skin’s condition. If your skin needs an exfoliation the formulation will cause more flaking. Whether you see flaking or not, the real ‘magic’ of Chemical Peels is what the treatment does for your skin on a cellular level. The formulation of TriBeCa MedSpa’s chemical peels speed up one’s cell turnover rate and leave clients with a luminous appearance. The glow that many patients begin to notice before they even leave the MedSpa is what makes Medical Grade Chemical Peels one of our most requested services.

PCA skin care is considered to be the top peel formulator in both the medical and clinical markets, their chief scientist and dermatologist Dr. Linder says, “People don’t realize that you don’t have to peel with a peel. They mistakenly believe that if you don’t peel, you didn’t get enough of a treatment. The opposite is true — as your skin becomes healthier, you’ll actually find that you peel less with treatments.” PCA Skin is identified in medical textbooks as the first maker of blended chemical products. This “new generation” of Chemical Peels favored by our Medical Aestheticians is highly individualized and can run the range of gentle to aggressive. In fact, many clients find that lack of peeling is a common and desired result.

It turns out that yet again, Sex and the City is pretty different from reality.