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Make This a Mother’s Day to Remember

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Remember Mother’s Day last year? What am I saying?? Who can even remember what last month was like, let alone a whole year ago? Well, like probably many of you, I took it for granted, sending flowers to my mother-in-law, and my sister-in-law, and neglecting the many other mothers in my life.

But not this year. No, this one, by several orders of magnitude, deserves to be as different as the situation we’re all in. This Mother’s Day should uplift the ones we hold so dear, and value, whether they’re our moms, someone else’s, or that of a very lucky cat.

For my sister-in-law, who’s a proud cat mom and stepmom, the LightStim Masque Kit is on point. She’ll be receiving the LightStim for Wrinkles device, along with 3 free SkinCeuticals Biocellulose Masques. See, we have an MWM tradition: Mask, Wine, and Movie (typically Die Hard). Then we’ll schedule an evening for our MWM, she and her husband will put on their Biocellulose Masques, my husband and I will throw on a couple of MĀSK CBD masks, we’ll all pour some wine, and the 4 of us will start a Houseparty with a fun, escapist flick.



My cousin, a mother of 3, and stepmom to 2 more in a very Brady family, will be opening up a Chill Out Kit in a couple of weeks. Because if anyone needs to chill out right now, it’s her. She’ll love trying out the pair of Cryo Ball Cooling Globes with the SkinCeuticals Biocellulose Masque. Hopefully, none of her children steal them before she has at least a few chances to use them herself.

For my oldest friend — only by relationship longevity, mind you — who loves all things natural and hemp-derived, the CBD Detox Kit. This baby includes some of my favorite Khus + Khus CBD products in a kit ready for jet-setting (once we’re allowed to again), along with a MĀSK CBD Luminouss Mask that will calm inflammation and hydrate her gorgeous face.

Last but certainly not least, my mother-in-law, the woman who gave me this awesome partner. She’ll squeal with delight when she opens up the Defenage Luxe Kit, that will have her cleansing, masking, creating a hydrating barrier, and sleeping like the queen she is on the queen-size silk pillowcase that’s included. She’ll say it was too much. She’ll say I shouldn’t have. I’ll just say again to her, “But I love you, and you should be reminded of it every day when you look in the mirror.”

Now, to figure out who to give a TMS Gift Card and the Obagi Force Field Kits to!

And please, nobody tell these ladies and ruin the surprise. They all deserve their respective moments of delight!


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