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If you’ve tried various diets and workouts, invested in a personal trainer, fitness equipment or gym membership and continue to see stubborn fat areas regardless of crunches and planks, you can investigate other options to tone and shape your body. Because the number of fat cells stored in our bodies generally stays the same during our adult life, when we lose weight, the fat cells remain smaller but don’t actually decrease.

Some people might consider surgery or liposuction to eliminate areas of fat cells, yet it isn’t the right solution for everyone—especially when you consider the high cost, possible side effects and downtime. If you’re looking for a non-surgical alternative, there are several FDA-approved body contouring and shaping treatments that can effectively reduce fat and tone muscles without the need for surgery.

Let’s review three options offered by Tribeca MedSpa.


CoolSculpting is an FDA cleared non-invasive procedure that uses cold temperatures to freeze and eliminate fat cells without causing damage to skin tissues, nerve fibers, blood vessels, or muscles, in the treatment area. This process is known as cryolipolysis. During this process, body fat and undesired bulges in multiple areas of the body, including the abdomen, thighs, arms, hips, back, bra area, buttocks, under the chin, and chest are eliminated.

During the procedure, a licensed Medical Aesthetician uses a cooling applicator controlled by a monitoring system that is placed on the desired area for fat elimination. As it starts, there is a slight sucking sensation followed by a cooling effect, allowing you to be comfortable enough to relax, read, or even answer emails during the procedure. After the applicator is detached, the medical provider conducts a brief massage to break up the treated fat cells and accelerate the fat reduction. The entire procedure can be completed in as little as 35 minutes.

In the days and weeks following treatment, the fat cells are naturally and permanently eliminated from the body through our metabolic process. Some people may experience mild temporary side effects such as bruising, swelling, itchy, numbness, redness and tenderness in the treated area in the first few weeks. Two sessions spaced a month apart provide optimal results. A reduction of up to 20 to 25 percent of fat cells can be seen in the treated area within one to four months.

With more than 8 million CoolSculpting treatments performed worldwide, this treatment is recommended for people in good general health without neurological or orthopedic problems, but it is not a treatment for obesity. If you’re interested in trying CoolSculpting, we recommend a complimentary consultation.

CoolTone™ by CoolSculpting®

CoolTone is the latest FDA-approved treatment for body contouring and shaping. The non-invasive procedure tones, firms, and strengthens the abdomen, butt, and thigh muscles using Magnetic Muscle Stimulation.

During the 30-minute procedure, patients are wrapped in the treatment device, which targets below the fat layer with strong magnetic pulses to the muscle tissue, which sculpt muscles in a way that isn’t possible with only exercise. To get desired results, treatments should occur twice a week for two weeks for a total of four treatments. Increased muscle definition can last six or more months and is best preserved with regular ongoing treatments.

CoolTone is good for those in good general health and leading a healthy lifestyle. It is not a substitute for exercise and is ideal for those with a (BMI) body mass index under 30.

While the names are similar, CoolSculpting and CoolTone are different. CoolSculpting targets fat cells in the body while CoolTone targets muscles, meaning that the treatments can be used together to achieve complementary results. With any body contouring treatment, it’s important to consult with medspa professional to determine the best plan for your body.

WarmSculpting by SculpSure®

WarmSculpting, also known as SculpSure, is another FDA cleared non-invasive procedure that permanently eliminates unwanted fat cells using temperatures up to 42 degrees Celsius to safely heat fat cells, causing their destruction. Once damaged, the fat cells are flushed away by your body’s lymphatic system. The 25-minute treatment uses advanced hypothermic laser technology to destroy fat cells on the abdomen, hips, back, inner and outer thighs, and under the chin.

The procedure is conducted by a licensed Medical Aesthetician and begins with a cooling sensation to help keep the skin comfortable. Using a laser that pulses on and off, the temperature of the fat cells increases. You feel a warm, tingling sensation throughout treatment, and the laser doesn’t harm the skin. As an added benefit, increasing the temperature of the skin stimulates the production of collagen, a protein that provides structure for your skin.

Each WarmSculpting treatment can destroy up to 24 percent of the treated cells and full results are normally seen 12 weeks after treatment. It is generally recommended that you have a minimum of two treatments to achieve your desired results.

As with CoolSculpting, massages will help to break up the fat cells in the treated areas to help along the recovery process and minimize the side effects, such as bruising, and tenderness, which is normal for a few weeks post procedure.

Differences between CoolSculpting and WarmSculpting

There are some differences between CoolSculpting and WarmSculpting. CoolSculpting uses cold temperatures while WarmSculpt uses heat. WarmSculpting also has a slightly shorter treatment time. CoolSculpting uses a single applicator to target fat, while WarmSculpting uses four applicators simultaneously on the specified area. Candidates who have pinchable fat to remove may start with CoolSculpting whereas WarmSculpting can be used on areas with less fat to latch on.

Like CoolSculpting, WarmSculpting is recommended for people in good general health and not for those who are significantly overweight or obese. Although CoolSculpting and WarmSculpting do not achieve the same results as liposuction, they are great alternatives for people who do not want the risks and costs associated with surgery. Both body contouring solutions induce lipolysis (destruction and removal of fat cells) and with our expert licensed medical providers, Tribeca MedSpa can offer excellent clinical results and safety with no downtime and permanent, long lasting results.

Body Contouring Solutions Work Better Together

While each of these body contouring solutions are unique, you don’t need to choose one over the other. During your complimentary consultation, our medical provider can advise which treatments can yield the best results for you and your needs. Combining CoolSculpting, WarmSculpting and CoolTone provide a comprehensive approach to body contouring and shaping while targeting unwanted fat and improving muscle definition. This trio of treatments combination can shape the targeted fat areas with CoolSculpting and/or WarmSculpting and increase the visibility of muscle mass created from CoolTone.

Reserve your appointment for a complimentary consultation with one of Tribeca MedSpa’s expert medical practitioners to assess your concerns and design a comprehensive treatment plan today.

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