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Banish Ingrowns with Laser Hair Removal

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Ingrown hairs can be a pain. The term for ingrown hair is “pseudofolliculitis barbae”, a condition in which a foreign body inflammatory reaction is produced when curved hairs grow back into the skin. Inflammation is characterized by papules, pustules or small nodules located from one to three millimeters away from the hair follicle. You are most likely to suffer ingrowns where body hair is coarse, explaining why many women experience bikini-zone ingrowns.  While there are several ways to treat ingrowns after the fact, prevention is always the best medicine.

Laser Hair Removal is highly effective in treating ingrown hairs by simply eliminating the problem. Laser hair removal targets the individual hair follicles of the unwanted body hair. Through a series of treatments the follicles are compromised due to the targeted laser heat and therefore stop producing hair. Hair that is produced from follicles that have been treated with Laser Hair Removal is more fine and usually lighter than the original hair. You will see ingrowns diminish and disappear during the course of your Laser Hair Removal treatments just as you see unwanted body hair diminish and disappear.

TriBeCa MedSpa offers complimentary consultations for Laser Hair Removal, and has even been featured in a article by Essence Magazine as Laser Hair Removal experts for darker skin tones.  Contact us to book your consultation and say goodbye to ingrowns and hello to that beach vacation.